Which Types of LEDs Used for Fine Pitch LED Display in 2023?

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In 2023, the market for fine pixel pitch LED displays continues to evolve, with various LED types being utilized by manufacturers. 

While P1.2 and above displays pose no significant technical challenges and are readily available, achieving P0.8 and P0.9 displays remains a specialized domain, limited to a minority of factories. 

However, it is important to note that not all factories adopt the same LED technology for their fine pitch LED displays.

The types of LEDs commonly used for fine pixel pitch led displays in 2023


They are:

1) 4-in-1 Packaging LEDs by Nationstar 

2) COB 3-IN-1 LEDs by KN Light or other packaging factories 

3) SMD0808 3-in-1 LEDs by Nationstar or other manufacturers

What are 4-IN-1 packaging LEDs? 


4-IN-1 packaging LEDs represent an upgraded variant of SMD LEDs, where four individual SMD0808 LEDs are combined as one larger LED unit. This approach offers improved ease of maintenance and better resistance to collisions.

You can check the size of SMD0808 and 4-in-1 packing LEDs pictured below:

What are COB LEDs?


COB is short for “Chip on board”.

COB LEDs are integrated on the same PCB board by wire bond and covered with silicone resin on the surface. 

This packaging method requires fewer processes during display production (no SMT processing through the soldering machine), and COB technology enables the availability of ultra-high-definition LED screen models between 0.5mm and 1.0mm.

You might not see separate COB LEDs like SMD LEDs, because it is usually visible from COB modules. You can have a look at the LED cabinet with COB modules pictured below.

Which type of LEDs is more expensive?

The LED packaging factory hasn’t reached its maximum capacity for COB LEDs yet, only sampling and testing stage right now. Hopefully, COB LEDs maybe could apply for P0.9 in the 1st half of next year.

SMD0808 LEDs are a more mature and proven technology in the market, making them a cost-effective option compared to COB LEDs.

One 4-IN-1 Mini LED is less expensive than 4 pcs of SMD0808 LEDs. Now it is available for 0.9mm and the model for 0.8mm is on the roadmap. 

Note: It is also ok to use SMD0808 for P0.9 and SMD0606 for P0.8 instead of 4-in-1 packaging LEDs.

As for cost considerations, COB LEDs are generally more expensive, especially when used for P0.8mm displays, as they are still in the developmental stage and demand is relatively low. 

On the other hand, SMD0808 LEDs are less expensive due to their mature technology and market-proven quality. 

4-IN-1 Mini LEDs, an improved version of 4 pcs of SMD0808 LEDs combined, offer a cost-effective option for P0.9 displays and are also planned for use in P0.8 displays.


COB LEDs  are better at standing collisions and is good protection from Oil, Damp, Water, Dust, Oxidisation, and dust.

COB technology makes the ultra high definition LED screen models between 0.5mm and 1.0mm available.

Why use 4-IN-1 LEDs, while not SMD0808?


4-IN-1 packaging LEDs are much easier to maintain than SMD0808 due to their larger size. The smaller the size, the harder for repairing. 

Currently, only authorized technicians from HDR LED screen manufacturers could repair small-size SMD0606 and SMD0808 LEDs. Most of the technicians who work for customers’ companies can’t repair it very well. 

Which type of LEDs to use for your project?

The choice between COB LEDs and SMD0808 LEDs depends on specific needs and preferences. 

COB LEDs are advantageous in terms of durability, offering better protection against collisions, oil, damp, water, dust, and oxidation. 

Meanwhile, 4-IN-1 packaging LEDs are preferred for their ease of maintenance and better resistance to collisions compared to smaller-sized SMD0808 LEDs, which can be challenging to repair.



As the market for fine pitch LED displays continues to evolve, advancements in LED technology are expected to drive further innovations, possibly leading to wider adoption of COB LEDs for P0.9 displays and beyond. However, for now, manufacturers and customers can choose from the available options based on their requirements, budget, and repairability considerations.

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Thanks for reading. 

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