Top 5 LED Screen Manufacturers in the World

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The global LED display market is experiencing strong growth, expected to reach $23.3 billion by 2030 according to Zion Market Research.

While brands like Barco, Sony, Samsung, LG, and Daktronics are major players in LED displays, many of them partner with large Chinese manufacturers for production of giant LED screens.

From the manufacturing side, the top 5 LED screen makers worldwide are: Leyard, Liantronics, Absen, Unilumin and Ledman.

Top 5 LED Screen Manufacturers by Production Capacity

Company Headquarters Founded Address Revenue Main Products Website
Leyard China 1995 Beijing, China CNY 8.15 billion (2022) Fine pitch LED, Micro LED, LCD displays
Liantronics China 2003 Shenzhen, China CNY 2 billion (2022) Indoor and outdoor LED displays
Absen China 2001 Shenzhen, China Commercial and rental LED displays
Unilumin China 2004 Shenzhen, China LED billboards and rental displays
Ledman China 2004 Shenzhen, China CNY 1 billion (2022) COB LED displays
List of Top 5 LED Screen Manufacturers

Leyard is a globally renowned LED display specialist, with 5,000 employees worldwide. They were an early OEM supplier for Barco, and are known for innovations in fine pitch LED and Micro LED displays. Leyard has received many honors as a National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in China.

Liantronics is another leader in indoor and outdoor LED displays from Shenzhen. As a listed company in China, Liantronics has grown into an international display powerhouse with 1,300+ employees and sales in 200+ countries.

top 5 led screen factory in world - liantronics

Absen is focused on commercial, rental and staging LED applications. With 2,000+ staff, they have a reputation for reliable, high quality and cost-effective LED products.

Unilumin has 5000+ employees and specializes in LED billboards and rental displays, providing total solutions from product design to field services.

Ledman is China’s #1 COB LED display provider. They also aim to lead in 8K Micro LED technology, including supplying China’s aerospace industry.

top 5 led screen factory in world - ledman


When it comes to manufacturing capacity, innovation and Global supply, these major Chinese vendors represent the top tier of LED display producers worldwide. Their continued growth and technical advances will be key drivers shaping large format LED screens across sports, advertising, events and more.

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