Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Material Starts It All

The regular inspection is conducted at every step of production to ensure accurate electronic parameters and appearance in good condition. The PCB, LEDs, Driver ICs, module suite and cabinet frame are fully checked before production.

The main checking list is showing as below:

  • LED Components Baking
  • Electronic Parts Parameters checking
  • Metal & Plastic Parts Mechanical Checking
  • PCB Dimension & Flatness checking
  • Power Supply Testing

Numerous of tools applied to make thing correct, such as caliper ruler, tape measure, magnifying glasses…

How well a product turns out at the end all depends on the quality of its starting materials.

We are confident in supporting any project with a fully custom solution and capabilities from development to mass production.

Every Processing Matters

How well we produce LED products is determined by the professionalism.

Raw Materials Processing

LED Components for all our products will be baked for 8 hours at 80℃ and mixed before starting SMT procedure by our experienced workers.

The electronic oven can get rid of the moisture from LEDs, this can greatly avoid dead pixels happens.

Mixing LEDs is to narrow the wavelength difference from different bins and realize very good color uniformity (no color difference) for the whole screen.

This step is critical for viewing perfect images or videos after the screen completed production

Make Treatment
With Enthusiasm

LED screen is the most treated and well-used equipment at QIVOR TECH.

Make sure that you watch the entire video from the left,  and you can see our live production in minutes.

In-Process Treatment

Conformal coating treatment is for all indoor and outdoor models. It is to avoid moisture influencing the electronic components located at the PCB during the usage.

Every LED module tested by red/green/blue/white colors to make sure all LEDs working well. If the result is good, then we move the modules to the next step – starting 24 hours of aging test.

Full screen aging test is carried out when the assembly work is done. After, we will keep all the LED cabinets working under rigorous testing for 48 hours, is to prove the reliability and stability of the screen.

Toughest Conditions

Reliability tests help our products working better.

Make sure that you watch the entire video from the left,  and you can see our live production in minutes.

Environmental Testing

IP65 Testing – It evaluates rates of waterproof under high temperature and pressure by IPX5 Jet waterproof test chamber.

High and Low Temperature Test – It tests the tolerance of products under actual temperature and humidity environment. (-40℃ ~ 60.0℃)

Every Detail

We do things more than the expectation of our customers, from products to documents.

Make sure that you watch the entire video from the left,  and you can see our live production in minutes.

Regular Inspection Before Shipment

Inspectors check the function and appearance of products in quantity before packing. Then Inspectors create the spot checks on products under the AQL before shipping.

Once the result fails, the product will be returned to the production line and treated until it is qualified for shipment.

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