How to Choose Vertical or Horizontal LED Signs?

Vertical Signs

Vertical LED signs are often applied for the locations without enough space, such as building with a narrow wall at high altitudes or has to be integrated to the pole of street light at the roadside. In general, the screen size is less common. It is recommended for the below 3 circumstances.

  • The audience are looking from the lower place (example: city landmark)
  • For a specific purpose or special shape, like portrait use or iPhone looks
  • The installation is restricted to the building or places

Horizontal Signs

Horizontal LED billboards are more popular for easier content creation. We all get used to watching horizontal videos shot at 4:3 or 16:9 ratio, such as cinema screen and computer monitor, even we prefer to make rotation when watching videos on mobile. In most cases, we recommend to choose horizontal billboards because of the below advantages.

  • Perfect for large & impressionable video/text, it fits to human’s actual field of vision
  • The viewing area is larger than vertical LED signs if the size is the same, attracting more audience
  • People don’t have to look up to the LED billboard for watching videos/images.

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